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Teaching ceramics - age 15

First ceramic piece - age 12

 After a career as a teacher, backup singer for Johnny Cash and Roy Clark, a professional speaker, and an author of five books, I realized I had an underlying creative passion for art!

 My artwork is a blend of textures, images and natural elements. It's a refreshing, warm style in today's fast-paced, high-tech world. Can you relate?

 Some of my favorite childhood years were spent in a small village in Upstate New York; Godeffroy. (It's between Huguenot and Cuddebackville if that helps.) That's where I fell in love with rivers, mountains, wild flowers, trees...all that woodsy stuff.

  My Dad was the director of a non-profit camp, Jubilee Ranch, in that small town. One of the crafts they offered was ceramics. I loved it and even taught the other campers a few years later!




 I went on to college, earned a Masters at NYU, and pursued other interests. Many years later, my family gave me a paint set for my birthday. Wow,I was off and running! Along the way, I studied at Plaza Arts Studio in Nashville with Jan Batts, Edie Manning, and Ron Olson.

 I'm a member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society and my artwork graces residences in New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oklahoma and the Tennessee Art League Gallery. Last year I was honored to be featured on the cover of the Arts Section of The Tennessean and featured in blogs by Kate Harper and Alex Colombo.

 Along with these product designs, we have a full line of unique and warm greeting cards available wherever Blue Mountain Arts cards are sold.

 All the products on this site are available for licensing.

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Carol Grace Anderson